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For information about each of the groups, read down this page. To get details of the meeting places and destinations of runs for the next few months, click on the runs list icon.

Invitation to Non Members

Newcomers: We  always welcome newcomers. You do not need to be a member of CTC to join our runs as we can take up to 5 non-members on any ride.    After you have been out on 4 or 5 runs you would be expected to join the CTC, not least so that you can enjoy the benefits of CTC Insurance. You can join through the CTC website:

We have an active programme which operates all the year. The standards of the runs vary and if you would like some guidance please ring our Secretary, Duncan Ross (0131 447 1283) or any of the runs leaders listed with the groups. Our normal runs are mainly on quiet roads in Lothian, Borders and Fife, with occasional off road runs. Ad hoc day trips, and weekends away, often take us further afield.

Early in the year most runs are 'short' to 'middling' but in summer we'll see both longer rides and some new shorter rides for those starting off or returning to cycling after an interval. We invite interested cyclists of all ages to join us on any of our runs. Come and join us at one of the starting points shown below.

Walking lets you see a small area in detail; driving a car lets you see a large area but you don't feel part of it; cycling is a compromise that allows you to travel and actually feel part of the countryside. The medical profession justifiably recommends the healthy, rhythmic exercise that cycling provides. Why not come along and join us now?

All Runs: Carry food and drink (we often don’t stop near cafes or shops). Also carry a spare tube &c.

Shelter: In winter, and increasingly on inclement days, we hire a village or church hall for the lunch stop (members pay a very small fee to cover these costs). At these places we have access to an urn, toilets and HEAT! The halls and the regular open-air drum-up places are marked on the map of ‘Our Favourite Places

Safe Riding: The club has over 130 years' experience of riding in groups on the road. there are conventions about how we do this safely. At first this may seem strange if you have been used to riding on your own or with a small family group, but you will soon get used to it. To help you we have a single page sheet that gives guidance which you can download here. You've all seen the Tour de France rides and how they ride as one, the same way as a flock of birds will often fly. But we only go at about one third of the speed of the Tour de France riders, and we don't have 180 in the group - usually between 10 and 30, and most important we do not ride on closed roads but have to share them with all the other traffic. The point is that a block of riders (for practical reasons it's best if there aren't more than about eight or 10 in one block) ride as a unit and do need to communicate with each other about road surfaces and other traffic. PLEASE do read the guidelines.

Descriptions of Groups

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Saturday Sunday
Tuesday Evenings (summer only) Wednesday
  Specials - Bike Week and others

Special Runs

There is sometimes a short club run on Christmas Day - starts at 10:00 and home in time for turkey at 13:00

Other special events (organised by us or by others) can be found in the events lists

The club enjoys occasional weekend meets, and encourages members to organise them. We have an advice sheet to aid organisers and inform participants. Click on Advice on Weekends Away

Saturday Runs

Contact: Jessie Harrington(0795 226 6110)

The leader will publish details of the ride (starting place destination and approximate distance) by e-mail through the Yahoo group. Leaders will do this on the Thursday or Friday prior to the ride, or before that if possible.

In some cases the start point and destination will have been published further in advance on the runs list on this website.

There will be a range of rides of between 40 and 60 miles. The rides will have a back marshall, and will be at a medium pace (10 to 12 mph). [If you're not used to cycling so far, please consider joining one of the shorter rides to start with, listed on this website.]

The leader and back marshall will ask you to stick to the safe riding guidelines, and will go over these at the start of each ride.

The start time is 9:50 for 10:00 a.m. prompt start. Over the summer months the lunch stop will normally be a picnic al fresco so please bring food for lunch and something to drink. On some rides, there may be a second stop for afternoon tea.

Please contact the ride leader for the Saturday ride that you are interested in. Otherwise, contact Jessie Harrington: 07952 266110.

Note. Some members may also be organising longer and faster Saturday rides which are not publicised on the runs list. They will publicise these rides through the Yahoo group. These will be informal rides and not part of the CTC Member Group programme. In these instances the person organising the ride will not be acting as a CTC leader.


There are two ways to get the information -

Go to the web page Edinburgh CTC Riding group - hint: the messages have the latest one at the top, look for a heading like Sat 14th May run

Join the Yahoo Group, and you can then automatically get the message as an email. Instructions on how to join the group are on the web page.



Sunday Runs

Third Sunday of the month

Contact & start point: look in the runs list on the date you are interested in

Meeting time: 09:50 for a 10:00 start.   These are rides of about 15 to 20 miles and 2 to 3 hours cycling time. Much use is made of cycle paths and tracks .We usually have a café stop together either during or at the end of the run. We normally finish by 2.00 p.m. or earlier. The runs are suitable for new and returning cyclists and those wanting to try riding with a group. They also offer the chance to talk to experienced CTC members and seek their advice. The pace is that of the slowest rider so that no one will be left behind.

Second & Fourth Sundays of the month

contact: Maureen Young 0781 705 4270

40 mile, easy paced runs on the 2nd and 4th Sundays* of each month. These runs are aimed at people who fancy a relatively easy paced cycle run and those who want to take a step up from shorter to longer cycle runs.

To take part, turn up at the start point in time for a 10am start. Bring warm and/or waterproof clothing appropriate to the weather. Snacks to keep you going. Picnic (if required). Basic tools (puncture repair kit and spare tubes). Money for tea or lunch stops (some runs may stop at cafes for lunch).

*Look out for an amendment if a major holiday is that weekend.


The meeting place is decided by the leader and published on the Riding Group Yahoo web page a day or two before the ride. This gives more flexibility to match intended routes to weather conditions.

There are two ways to get the information -

Go to the web page Edinburgh CTC Riding group - hint: the messages have the latest one at the top, look for a heading like Sun 14th May run

Join the Yahoo Group, and you can then automatically get the message as an email. Instructions on how to join the group are on the web page.


Other Sundays

Other Clubs and groups have rides on Sundays (Spokes on the first Sunday). Sometimes a group of CTC members will get together to go for a ride. We have occasional weekends - Saturday to Sunday with a night away - which are advertised to members in an email bulletin or by word of mouth.

Summer* Tuesday Evening Runs

contact: Alastair Sim 0131 447 5344 / 07813 468 563

*Summer is defined as May-August inclusive!

·    All rides will leave at 7pm from the Commonwealth Pool. Please arrive ten minutes beforehand i.e. 6.50 pm
·    Please wear clothing that is appropriate for the weather on the evening
·    Always bring functioning bike lights with you
·    Bring a spare inner tube and a repair kit with you
·    Ensure your bike is roadworthy

These rides are normally 20-25 miles from the meeting point. They take up to three hours and usually involve a refreshment stop either during or at the end of the ride. Riders should be capable of managing this distance and if they are not sure or would like advice they should contact one of the club ride leaders.

Always meet at the Commonwealth Pool for 19:00 start

Mid-Week Wednesday Runs

Contact: Philip Rankin 0131 334 4213

Standard: Easy - Intermediate. Average distance: 50-60 miles. Runs paced to suit those attending. Leave at 10:00 from place specified in the calendar.

Download a printable Wed. runs list here.

Always meet for 10:00 start, but at various locations [specified in the runs list]


Audax events organised by various groups and people.

The emphasis in Audax events is on enjoyable cycle rides and personal achievement and the Audax Formula ensures almost any rider can enjoy a pleasant yet challenging day's ride and achieve internationally recognised standards of cycling competence and endurance. These rides are open to all cyclists and have the fun and exhilaration of mass cycling events yet due to the maximum speed limit imposed and the non-publication of results lists they do not become races.

The organisation controlling the Audax events in the UK is Audax UK and currently their calendar has over 290 rides, from 50 to 1,000 kilometres, mostly in scenic areas avoiding the busiest roads. These rides have to be completed at a minimum speed of (often 12km/h to 14.3 km/h with a maximum speed of 30 km/h.

Annual Events

Special Events in Scotland and England

A range of events - e.g. the 'KM Rally', Grampian Rally, York Show etc.

Special events (organised by us or by others) can be found in the events lists

Meeting Places

CP Commonwealth Pool, in Holyrood Park Rd outside Scottish Widows NT267725
F Firrhill (Colinton Rd / Colinton Mains Drive) NT225699
FH Fisherrow Harbour car park NT335730
KX Kingston Crossroads (Gilmerton Rd / Mount Vernon Rd) NT280700
RP Roseburn Path (on bridge above Glasgow Road) at Wester Coates Terrace NT232733
SV Slateford Viaduct (next to 'The Blue Goose Inn') NT221706
FM Charwood Restaurant, Fairmilehead (formerly Tusitala) NT247686
CB Cramond Brig (at the top of the road up from the old bridge, entrance to pub car park) NT178755


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