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The Cyclists Touring Club is a national organisation with 130 years' experience under its belt. You can find out more about the national side on the main CTC site. This site lets you know what is going on in the Lothians & Borders. The Lothians & Borders* Member Group consists of persons in Edinburgh and the surrounding district from an extended age range and a wide spectrum of backgrounds with a common interest - CYCLING. We are a touring club, not a racing group, and everyone is welcome whatever their ability. We offer the opportunity to ride in company, to explore some of the less known parts of our area, and to meet others with an interest in cycling and the outdoors. With the CTC you can keep fit, socialise and travel - all at the same time. Members come from all age groups and walks of life.

All cyclists are welcome to join any of the runs. Use this list to select what you think is an appropriate group, and then just turn up. It may help you if you contact the organiser first who can give you advice.

If you haven't cycled with a group before, have a look at the Advice to Newcomers, and do talk to someone with a bit of experience if you can.

Our normal runs are mainly on quiet roads in Lothian, Borders and Fife, with occasional off road runs. Ad hoc day trips, and weekends away, often take us further afield. For further details see the Lothians & Borders Member Group Runs/Events page. In addition some of our members participate in Audax events in this country which are more challenging cycling events which cover distances of from 50 to 1,000 kms. It owns the Albert Watson Memorial Hut in the Borders which members anywhere can use; it has Right-to-Ride representatives protecting and promoting cyclists' interests; and it produces the newsletter Cycle Forth.

Besides listing the organised runs we shall be making suggestions for self-guided runs in the Lothians - see Suggested Rides.

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Cyclists' Touring Club

The Cyclists' Touring Club is Britain's largest cycling organisation, with over 50,000 members and affiliates throughout the United Kingdom and overseas. Founded in 1878 as the Bicycle Touring Club, for over a century it has promoted recreational and utility cycling and protected cyclists' rights. In addition to publishing a bi-monthly magazine - Cycle - the CTC provides travel and technical advice, legal aid and insurance to members, membership of the local group (in our case the Lothians & Borders Member Group), and campaigns to improve facilities and opportunities for all cyclists. For further details, and information about joining the CTC, see their Web pages.

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